Insight - Clarity - Growth

Insight - Clarity - Growth

Learn new skills and habits to balance and navigate your life

Uncover your innate wisdom

Strengthen your connection to yourself, your life and your community

Identify and let go of issues holding you back

Rediscover motivation, focus and meaning in your life

Learn new skills and habits to balance and navigate your lifeUncover your innate wisdomStrengthen your connection to yourself, your life and your communityIdentify and let go of issues holding you backRediscover motivation, focus and meaning in your life

Christine low res
Christine low res


Thanks for stopping by. This is an invitation for you to take a few minutes to explore and discover more about how my work as a ‘change enabler’ might benefit you.

Using a holistic approach combined with a set of leading-edge processes, I enable individuals to explore personal/business issues and to make sustainable change.

We are living in a volatile, ambiguous, complex and uncertain world. Levels of stress and fear are increasing. My mission is to enable clients to respond and thrive to the challenges and opportunities in life. I do this by equipping them with the resources, tools and habits they need in order to develop self-leadership skills, including resilience, compassion, creativity and wisdom.

Are you tired of repeating the same old patterns in your life (thinking the same thoughts, feeling the same emotions, doing the same things)? Do you want to create more choice for yourself?

Would you like to:

  • Understand the ‘big picture’ of yourself/your career/your business.
  • Uncover new insights about how you engage with the world, what you believe about yourself, the world and your place in it.
  • Have more clarity about yourself, your career and your intentions for the future.
  • Identify areas for growth and change.
  • Increase confidence and self-leadership.
  • Reduce stress and conflict.
  • Create a more compassionate and productive relationship with yourself and others.

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What my clients say

I cannot rate Christine highly enough. She is an incredibly insightful and compassionate person whom I feel lucky to have had the opportunity to not only meet but also work with.



It’s been a pleasure working with you over the last year. You unerringly spotted the big issue that was causing me grief and were absolutely instrumental in getting it resolved. Your input and advice throughout has been spot on – thank you.



I feel a whole lot more positive in my outlook and I don’t seem to stress half as much about the silly little things. I feel calmer and a lot of the tension in my shoulders and back has disappeared. I am also sleeping a lot better.


The Journey