The Enneagram

The Enneagram is a powerful and insightful framework for self-development which integrates ancient esoteric/spiritual teachings with modern psychology to map out the human condition:  our behaviour, personality, defences, motivations, fears and anxieties. The word Enneagram is from the Greek word ‘ennea’ (nine) and gram (something written or drawn) and refers to the nine-pointed diagram within a circle. This diagram points to a route map for personal growth from both a psychological and spiritual perspective. It demonstrates three centres of intelligence (head, heart and body) and nine main Enneagram patterns. The map sets out 9 ways of being in the world, 9 ways of relating, 9 sets of perceptions, 9 sets of values/beliefs. We have all 9 patterns within us and one pattern is dominant.

Establishing and exploring your dominant Enneagram patterns will open your unique pathway to change and growth. Raising your level of understanding about your unconscious patterns will, develop your skills in observing yourself and others, create greater self-awareness about your strengths, foster self-leadership and help you to transcend limiting beliefs and behaviours.

Navigating your own Enneagram route map enables you to take responsibility for own growth in a unique and powerful process of self-discovery which offers a deep and rich transformational route to insight, clarity and growth.

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