We don’t have just one brain!

Have you ever been in the position where you head is saying one thing and your heart another?

Neuroscience has proved that we have complex and functional brains in both our heart and gut and more and more evidence is emerging that these neural networks exhibit their own intelligence and wisdom. Each brain expresses itself through our everyday language. Your head might be saying ‘I lost my head’, ‘I can’t keep my head above water’. Your heart might say ‘My heart isn’t in it’, She is warm hearted’. Your gut might be saying ‘I need time to digest this’ ‘My gut instinct was to say no’.

mBRAINING is the way we use our multiple brains and the process by which we align them for specific outcomes. It was created by Marvin Oka and Grant Soosalu and is based on the latest research in neuro-gastroenterology, neuro-cardiology, cognitive neuroscience, behavioural psychology, NLP, behavioural modelling and a synthesis of a range of ancient esoteric practices (including the Enneagram); this leading-edge coaching process brings deep insights into how your multiple brains may produce conflict and what you can do to integrate them so that a higher wisdom (or consciousness) can emerge.

An introduction to mBRAINING

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Grant & Marvin’s book ‘Using your Multiple Brains to do cool stuff is an easy and accessible read and can be purchased here.

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