My Programmes

Each programme is tailored to reflect the different needs of my clients (both individuals and teams). We work together to create a holistic view so that you gain insight, discover clarity and naturally experience growth.

The Enneagram is the most comprehensive map of how human beings function that I have discovered. It shows how our habits and patterns keep us stuck in repeating thoughts, feelings and behaviours and it offers an escape route out - to freedom of thought, feelings and behavioural choice.

mBRAINING is a powerful navigation tool to help you explore the map of your own patterns and a fast way of accessing new insights and communications. mBRAINING helps you gain clarity and experience growth, unfolding at your pace and in your unique way.

I also offer three other standalone programmes that use internationally recognised approaches; the mBIT Coach Certification Programme, The Grief Recovery Method and The Journey.


The EnneaBit Programmes

These tailored programmes focus on career and mid-life transition and addressing emotional and physical challenges that prevent growth in individuals and teams. The foundation of these programmes is designed around the application of the Enneagram and mBRAINING.


mBIT Coach Certification Training

A four-day course which will equip you to dialogue and coach the three brains (known as mBRAINING). Designed for professional coaches, leaders, managers, counsellors and therapists – anyone who has to communicate and work with others to deliver results. This programme is available as both an open event and an in-house course.


The Grief Recovery Method

This programme combines education and action to help you move beyond the pain of death, divorce, redundancy or any other of the 40 major loss events that can happen to anyone at any time. GRM is an 8-week programme offered in individual or group sessions.

The Journey

This is a guided meditative process designed to activate your own inner healing. This is an individual process lasting 1-3 sessions.

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