The Enneabit Programmes

The foundation for my tailored programmes is designed around the application of the Enneagram and mBRAINING. These two approaches inform how I facilitate and enable change.

Combing the Enneagram (a psychological map of how we operate in the world) with mBRAINING (a powerful navigation tool) enables you:

  • To explore your own unique map of you
  • To gain insights on how you are stuck in repeating patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving.
  • To develop clarity and experience growth at your pace
  • To navigate an escape route to unfolding freedom of thought, feelings and behavioural choice

These programmes bring together 21st century neuroscience, 20th century psychology and ancient wisdom. They have a particular focus on career and mid-life transition and addressing emotional and physical challenges that prevent growth. Each programme is designed to reflect the different, diverse needs of the individuals and the teams that I work with.

I synthesise and integrate other leading-edge approaches as appropriate, such as, NLP and The Journey to ensure alignment of all three centres of intelligence (heart, head and body/gut).

These programmes cover the following areas:

  • An Introduction to The EnneaBit

    Discover your personal Enneagram profile and learn about how multiple brains operate. This short programme provides you with insight into how your unique map of the world and your multiple brains are in play. It will begin to identify areas for growth and development.

  • The EnneaBit Personal Development Programme

    As well as gaining insight into your Enneagram profile and how you use your multiple brains, this programme will take you through a series of sessions to enable you to review and refocus your life. You will learn new skills and habits to help you identify and resolve obstacles that maybe holding you back, including any emotional, health or wellbeing issues.

  • The Enneabit Career Development Programme

    Similar in approach to the personal development programme with an emphasis on addressing work based challenges. These can include performance issues, preparing for promotion and making your next career move.

  • The Enneabit Mid-Life Transition Programme

    Designed to support major life changes such as change of lifestyle, career or return to work.

  • The Enneabit Leadership/Team Development Programmes

    These programmes are delivered in house and focus on business and leadership skills. They are often combined with my work as a strategic facilitator with SMEs. They can include a two-day Leadership Decision making course, based on mBRAINING, which provides leaders with practical skills to lead in challenging business environments.

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