The Grief Recovery Method

The Grief Recovery Method recognises that grief is the normal and natural reaction to loss and can arise in events not associated with death. It is defined as ‘the conflicting emotions that follow the ending or change in familiar patterns of behaviour.” Life events that can trigger a sense of loss/grief include:

  • The death of a loved one.
  • A child starting school.
  • Retirement.
  • Empty nest.
  • Divorce.
  • Job, career, income, status etc.
  • Loss of Health (dementia, cancer, life changing accidents etc.)
  • Death of a pet.
  • Menopause – loss of fertility, energy, identity etc.
  • Loss of religious faith.
  • Even some things which might be considered ‘happy events’ can be coloured by a sense of loss such as a career or job move or moving house.

There are over 40 such life events that can trigger a sense of loss/grief and can be helped by this course. The western world is ill equipped to face these challenging emotional issues. Our understanding and skills in this area are woefully underdeveloped. The Grief Recovery Method is an action and education programme, not dissimilar to coaching, which teaches people simple steps to help them let go of all the things that keep them trapped in the pain of loss and grief. It is not therapy although completing the programme is a therapeutic process. It teaches you simple steps to help you let go of all the things that keep you trapped in the pain of regrets, guilt and unfinished communications.

The GRM Programme

The GRM (Grief Recovery Method) programme can be carried out on a one to one basis or in small group sessions. Individual sessions last an hour and are held weekly for 7 weeks. The group programme runs over 8 weeks and each session is two hours long. The action plan is contained in The Grief Recovery Handbook, written by John W James and Russell Friedman, founders of The Grief Recovery.

Completing this programme equips you with the tools needed to move forward in a positive way.

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