The Journey

The Journey

This powerful healing and transformational methodology was created by Brandon Bays as a result of her own experience of healing from a large tumour, and is detailed in her best-selling book The Journey available as a FREE download at the  bottom of this page. It is being used in over 40 countries around the world and integrates a number of different approaches to create a unique and powerful process of profound change.

It can be used for both physical and emotional healing as it works to uncover and clear the root cause of longstanding health, emotional or behavioural issues including physical ailments, stress, depression, anxiety, phobias, low self-esteem, anger and relationship issues etc.

The Journey is a safe and gentle mediation technique which guides you into a deep state of awareness that enables you to uncover old cell memories, addressing the root cause of your issues, not just the symptoms. It is a process that enables insight, letting go and forgiveness. By accessing your own body’s infinite wisdom these old memories and patterns can be resolved and cleared allowing your body to access its own healing ability. From this new place of healing you can reconnect with a sense of well-being, peace, ease and confidence.

The Journey Programmes

There are a number of different Journey processes available and each appointment is tailored to suit individual needs. Often clients only need one appointment to address their issue. Usually a programme of three appointments will be sufficient. Each appointment lasts approximately two hours. The foundational processes are:

  • The Physical Journey is designed for working with physical ailments and their emotional affects.
  • The Emotional Journey works to address emotional blocks and unhealthy patterns that are causing distress.

Advanced programmes are also available and designed around each client’s unique needs.

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