4-Day mBIT Professional Coach Certification Training

Applying neuroscience to 21st century coaching

Have you ever worked with someone who seems stuck, unable to make a decision or commits to a course of action and then doesn’t follow through?

Then it’s likely that their ‘three brains’ (centres of intelligence) are in conflict.

Neuroscience has proved that along with our head we have complex and functional ‘brains’ in both our heart and gut and more and more evidence is emerging that these neural networks exhibit their own intelligence and wisdom.

Each brain expresses itself through our everyday language.

Your head might be saying ‘I lost my head’, ‘I can’t keep my head above water’.

Your heart might say ‘My heart isn’t in it’, I had my heart set on it’.

Your gut might be saying ‘I need time to digest this’ ‘My gut instinct was to say no’.


mBRAINING is the way we use our multiple brains and the process by which we align them for specific outcomes.

mBIT (multiple brain techniques) is a powerful way to dialogue, coach and align the head, heart and gut ‘brains’ so that a higher wisdom (or consciousness) can emerge.

It is a rapidly emerging coaching approach which integrates the latest research from neuroscience (neuro-cardiology and neuro-gastroenterology). clinical evidence, pathology and disease evidence, embryology, eastern medicine, neurolinguistics evidence, cross cultural studies, esoteric fields (including The Enneagram), spiritual traditions and behavioural modelling. It’s creators Grant Soosalu and Marvin Oka have tested the model through action research and regular field testing.


During the 4-day training you will learn:

  • What each neural network does
  • The specific language for each ‘brain’ and how to communicate with them
  • How to facilitate and align the head, heart and gut
  • How to increase your own and others access to insight, clarity and innate wisdom
  • Skills to navigate the mbit roadmap for yourself and others


This training is ideal for coaches in any field, therapists, consultants, medical practitioners, teachers, parents indeed for anyone who works with others, seeking to:

  • Increase self-awareness and evolve intuition
  • Improve communications and understanding
  • Reduce stress and conflict
  • Increase creativity, compassion and wiser, speedier decision making


As a professional coach for nearly 20 years I found mBIT complemented my work perfectly and is easily blended with my other approaches. Equally mBIT can work as a stand-along approach. mBIT is the ‘missing piece of the puzzle’. Understanding the science behind how our ‘brains’ work has helped me with coaching conversations with clients, potential clients and in my teaching work. I was so impressed with this training that I qualified as a master coach and licensed trainer and am now on a mission to share this work with others.

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