Developing a life work balance

"Working with Christine, I have learnt a lot about myself which has been helpful in realising how I can improve and alter my behaviour to get the best results within the business environment. Christine has helped me identify key areas of growth and ensure I recognise the importance and value of my own personal development. Christine has provided me with a number of tools to ensure I maintain a healthy work life balance and realise the value of looking after myself.
It’s been a pleasure working with Christine, our sessions were always motivational and thought provoking and she has helped me through a challenging and busy period of my career. Christine gets my highest recommendation as a business coach."

AS - London


Helping a business owner see the wood from the trees

"It’s been a pleasure working with you over the last year. You unerringly spotted the big issue that was causing me grief and were absolutely instrumental in getting it resolved. Your input and advice throughout has been spot on – thank you."

AH – Business owner – London


Enabling insight and gaining a new perspective using The Enneagram

"Working with Christine and using the Enneagram, I was able to explore and better understand my personality. I was able to answer questions about why I might react or do things in certain ways, and allowed me to focus on my own beliefs and know the things that are important to me.

Christine has helped me to take positive action in my life, for example to apply for a new job, and make choices in my life that are right for me rather than other people. I don't think I am overstating when I say that my life has been transformed!

I am a much more positive person and I know I have learnt a lot about myself as well as some valuable tools to enable me to grow personally and make the right choices for myself going forward, be it in relationships or work.

I cannot rate Christine highly enough. She is an incredibly insightful and compassionate person whom I feel lucky to have had the opportunity to not only meet but also work with."

JH - Oxford


Refocusing my career and taking action

"I approached Christine because I had lost confidence in my professional abilities, had lost some comprehension as to what direction I wanted my career to go in and what I wanted out of it. Professionally, I was somewhat a drift. Christine enabled me to understand my strengths and weaknesses, to build my confidence back up, and to gain full clarity on my career direction and aspirations and aided me to unlock and realise my potential. Since then I have gone on to develop my career significantly working for a company that aligns with my values in a role that fully utilises my skills and strengths. My career has since taken off and I feel I am now rocketing in the right direction."

AF – London


Spontaneous thanks from a grateful husband

"From a husband’s point of view the first and main observation I notice is that my wife now has the ability to laugh again. This has sadly been lacking in her for at least 9 months or even longer. The problems obviously go back, way before any sniff or mention of redundancy was on the cards. She was never really up and never really down, just constantly numbed for want of a better way of putting it.   I have noticed a massive improvement in her since her session with you. She is laughing a lot more and is back to her old self in many ways!"

WS - London


Improved health and well-being

"I feel a whole lot more positive in my outlook and I don’t seem to stress half as much about the silly little things. I feel calmer and a lot of the tension in my shoulders and back has disappeared. I am also sleeping a lot better."

PJ – Aylesbury


Executive and team coaching with the Enneagram

"Working with Christine as my personal coach I have managed to gain far greater clarity of thoughts and objectives. I have greater self-awareness and improved my ability to harness my emotional intelligence. I am more aware of my own skills and abilities, as well as areas which I find challenging.  This has led to me to making clearer, more informed and confident decisions in both my personal life and business. Christine introduced us to the Enneagram and developed a team coaching programme for us which helped us to understand the skills and strengths of our team, helping us to create a more effective team environment and business."

GF – business owner - London

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